GCP-specific server setup instructions

These instructions are part of the instructions for Setting up upspinserver. Please make sure you have read that document first.

Build upspinserver-gcp and upspin-setupstorage-gcp

To use Google Cloud Storage fetch the gcp.upspin.io repository and use the upspinserver-gcp and upspin-setupstorage-gcp variants.

Fetch the repository and its dependencies:

local$ go get -d gcp.upspin.io/cmd/...

Install the upspin-setupstorage-gcp command:

local$ go install gcp.upspin.io/cmd/upspin-setupstorage-gcp

Build the upspinserver-gcp binary:

local$ GOOS=linux GOARCH=amd64 go build gcp.upspin.io/cmd/upspinserver-gcp

Create a Google Cloud Project

First create a Google Cloud Project and associated Billing Account by visiting the Cloud Console. See the corresponding documentation here and here for help. For the project name, we suggest you use a string similar to your domain. (We will use example-com.)

Then, install the Google Cloud SDK by following the official instructions.

Finally, use the gcloud tool to enable the required APIs:

local$ gcloud components install beta
local$ gcloud projects create example-com
local$ gcloud config set project example-com
local$ gcloud auth login
local$ gcloud beta services enable iam.googleapis.com
local$ gcloud beta services enable storage_api

Create a Google Cloud Storage bucket

Use the gcloud tool to obtain “application default credentials” so that the upspin setupstorage-gcp command can make changes to your Google Cloud Project:

local$ gcloud auth application-default login

Now use upspin setupstorage-gcp to create a storage bucket and an associated service account for accessing the bucket. Note that the bucket name must be globally unique among all Google Cloud Storage users, so it is prudent to include your domain name in the bucket name. (We will use example-com-upspin.)

local$ upspin setupstorage-gcp -domain=example.com -project=<project> example-com-upspin

It should produce output like this:

Service account "upspinstorage@example-com.iam.gserviceaccount.com" created.
Bucket "example-com-upspin" created.
You should now deploy the upspinserver binary and run 'upspin setupserver'.


You can now continue following the instructions in Setting up upspinserver.