When did you last…

Upspin is an attempt to address problems like these, and many more.

Upspin is in its early days, but the plan is for you to manage all your data—even data you’ve stored in commercial web services—in a safe, secure, and sharable way that makes it easy to discover what you’ve got and who you’ve shared it with.

If you’d like to help us make that vision a reality, we’d love to have you try out Upspin.

Upspin is an open-source project that comprises two main design elements:

  1. a set of protocols enabling secure, federated sharing using a global naming system; and
  2. reference implementations of tools and services that demonstrate the capabilities.

Using these elements as building blocks, Upspin provides a global name space for all your data and the power to expand that space to include services such as sensors, social media, and more.

To get started, follow the signup process.


The Documentation page holds annotated links to the rich documentation for Upspin, which includes everything from user guides to details about the design and implementation.


Upspin is an open source project with a growing community of users and contributors. These resources support the open source project and point to things such as the GitHub repository, mailing lists, user forums, and so on.


The Upspin mascot, Augie, watches over the project and its community. The Mascot document introduces him and includes downloadable images and usage information.