Backblaze B2-specific server setup instructions

These instructions are part of the instructions for Setting up upspinserver. Please make sure you have read that document first.

Build upspinserver-b2cs and upspin-setupstorage-b2cs

To use the Backblaze B2 Storage, fetch the repository and use the upspinserver-b2cs and upspin-setupstorage-b2cs variants.

Fetch and install the repository and its dependencies:

local$ go get

This will install both the upspin-setupstorage-b2cs and upspinserver-b2cs commands.

Get your B2 credentials

  1. Visit your B2 dashboard.
  2. If necessary, log in with your B2 credentials.
  3. Click on Show Account ID and Application Key.
  4. Copy your user ID and the application key.

Now run the upspin-setupstorage-b2cs command and pass the previously copied account ID and the application key as arguments:

local$ upspin setupstorage-b2cs -account=<account_id> -appkey=<application_key>

It should produce an output like this:

You should now deploy the upspinserver binary and run 'upspin setupserver'.


You can now continue with the rest of the setup instructions: Set up a server and deploy the upspinserver binary.