AWS-specific server setup instructions

These instructions are part of the instructions for Setting up upspinserver. Please make sure you have read that document first.

Build upspinserver-aws and upspin-setupstorage-aws

To use Amazon Web Services fetch the repository and use the upspinserver-aws and upspin-setupstorage-aws variants.

Fetch the repository and its dependencies:

local$ go get -d

Install the upspin-setupstorage-aws command:

local$ go install

Build the upspinserver-aws binary:

local$ GOOS=linux GOARCH=amd64 go build

Install the AWS CLI

Ensure you have a working AWS environment set up before continuing and that you are able to run basic commands using the CLI tool.

Set up storage, role account, and instance profile

Use upspin setupstorage-aws to create an S3 bucket, an associated role account, and instance profile for accessing the bucket and provisioning. Note that the bucket name must be globally unique among all AWS users, so it is prudent to include your domain name in the bucket name. (We will use example-com-upspin.)

local$ upspin setupstorage-aws example-com-upspin

It should produce output like this:

You should now deploy the upspinserver binary and run 'upspin setupserver'.

If the command fails, it may leave things in an incomplete state. You can use the -clean flag to clean up any potential entities created:

local$ upspin setupstorage-aws -clean -role_name=upspinstorage example-com-upspin



You can now continue following the instructions in Setting up upspinserver.